The equipment we use to produce this blog


Not everyone realises the time and effort, plus the equipment requirement needed, to produce blog content! We have had a few requests to know what cameras, software, etc. we use to produce this blog, so here goes…

Still images

All photos were shot using a Canon 5D DSLR, a Canon 7D DSLR, a Canon PowerShot, and a Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone.

Lenses… just 2. the Canon 70-200mm f2.8 IS III USM and the Sigma 10-20mm, plus of course the phonecam shots

Video footage

While videos could also be shot using the above cameras, in fact for ease and simplicity, all video footage was shot using the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S Smartphones. (S5, S8+, S10, and S20 Ultra).


No drones used. No image stabilising gimbals used. Gitzo GT1543T carbon fibre tripod (now superseded by the GT1555T) used when shooting still with the DSLRs.

Photo Editing

Almost exclusively Adobe LightRoom, though there have been some parts completed using Capture One Pro.

Video editing

Exclusively Filmora. The latest version, Filmora 10 is absolutely amazing.

Blog writing

Good old Microsoft Word (Part of Microsoft Office2016). All the spell-checking and grammar suggestions you need. You may even have it already!

Website template

One of the many created by WordPress, who have a range of free and paid for options. This template is the ILLUSTRATR paid option.

Web hosting

Services provided by Webfundament

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