Boring the p….. Accommodation

Preparation for building

After the ground clearance and marking out, described in the previous post, the next task was…. no not pile boring. The workers would be living on site throughout the build so they needed accommodation. Enter the travelling site camp accommodation for 15 people, lovingly referred to as the ‘Chonburi Hilton’.

Now that the building footprint was established the workforce knew where they could place their camp so as not to interfere with the construction timetable. The pre-fab camp – raised flooring, corrugated sides and roof, cooking facilities, toilet (to connect to a separate septic tank also brought along) and vehicle parking as delivered and the crew got to work erecting what would be their home for approximately 1 year.

Electric was hooked up to the temporary meter we had had installed, water was  T’eed off an existing local supply to the neighbour, by agreement and there it was… all creature comforts and a cosy camp for the team, and of course, basic provision for the build itself.

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